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12 February 2020Passion and ideas: the battle between colour and line in Western European Art
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09 December 2020George Chinnery, the greatest artist of British India & the Far East

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Passion and ideas: the battle between colour and line in Western European Art Andrew Spira Wednesday 12 February 2020

Throughout the history of art, artists have debated whether line or colour was the more important.  In Renaissance Florence, artists maintained that line should take precedence because it controlled the subject matter of a picture, and that colour was a mere enhancement. In 18th century France, artists maintained that colour was more important.   This lecture will explore the changing fortunes of line and colour and show how they reflect changing attitudes towards thinking and feeling in European art as a whole.

Andrew Spira worked at the Temple Gallery, London, before becoming a curator at the V&A and then a Programme Director at Christie's Education.  He is now a freelance art historian, lecturing, writing and curating exhibitions and has published two books.