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12 February 2020Passion and ideas: the battle between colour and line in Western European Art
08 January 2020The subtle & exact art of colour in English garden design
11 December 2019Man and Animals in Art
13 November 2019In the Kingdom of the Sweets (Nutcracker ballet)
09 October 2019The Magic of Prague: Czech art and culture
11 September 2019Georgia O'Keeffe and her unique artistic vision
12 June 2019Not just a pile of old stones: Contemporary Art and the English stately home
08 May 2019Salvador Dali: 20th century Renaissance artist
10 April 2019The Founders and Treasures of the Wallace Collection
13 March 2019Architecture + Photography = Art
13 February 2019The Honourable and Dishonourable art of Acting
09 January 2019From Venice to Sheffield: John Ruskin's passion for Art, Craft and Social Justice
12 December 2018Dazzling Dufy: invitation to a luminous feast with Raoul Dafy
14 November 2018Undressing Antiques
10 October 2018Dazzle - Disguise and Disruption in War & Art
12 September 2018As Good as Gold - its significance and symbolism in the history of art
13 June 2018Celebrating the Royal Academy - 250th Anniversary
09 May 2018Cartoonery: English Attitudes
11 April 2018The Queen of Instruments: The Lute in Old Master Painting (illustrated lecture and live performance)
14 March 2018Tamara de Lempicka: Mistress of Art Deco
14 February 2018The Arts and Crafts of Kashmir
10 January 2018Zaha Hadid - architectural superstar
13 December 2017The Art and Culture of fin-de-siècle Vienna
08 November 2017Mediaeval Illuminated Books of Hours
11 October 2017Basingstoke: Its contribution to World Culture
13 September 2017Foreigners in London 1520 to 1677
01 August 2017No lectures are held in AUGUST
01 July 2017No lectures are held in JULY
14 June 2017India: its early history, empires & architecture
10 May 2017Man and the Arctic
12 April 2017Judas: the wickedest man who ever lived?
08 March 2017Joaquin Sorolla: Painting the Light
08 February 2017The Dr Susan Weber Furniture Gallery at the V&A
11 January 2017Church & Mosque Architecture in Africa
14 December 2016Dale Chihuly
09 December 2016George Chinnery: the greatest artist of British India & the Far East
11 November 2016Two women who scandalised the art world: Suzanne Valadon & the Divine Marchesa Luisa Casati
09 November 2016A Galaxy of Starchitects
14 October 2016Raphael of Urbino: Artist & Architect
12 October 2016From Magic Lanterns to Metro Goldwyn Meyer
14 September 2016To the far side of the World
09 September 2016Dickens, Lawrence & Zhivago: David Lean's Art of Cinema
10 June 2016A brief story of Wine
08 June 2016Eric Ravilious & Edward Bawden
13 May 2016The Art of Dance
11 May 2016To please the palate, charm the eye
13 April 2016Islamic Art
08 April 2016Art & Architecture: Estranged bedfellows
11 March 2016Treasure of the Fan Museum: An introduction to the world's first fan museum and its extraordinary collections
09 March 2016Pots of Art from Grayson Perry
12 February 2016Passion and Ideas: The Battle between colour and line in Western European Art
10 February 2016Mother Nature's Second Husband
13 January 2016The Art of Piero della Francesca
08 January 2016Subtle science
09 December 2015The Whole Art of the Book
11 November 2015The Journey of the Magi: 1700 years of The Three Kings
04 November 2015Supper and Quiz evening
14 October 2015Facing up to Goya: Portraits by Goya
09 September 2015Old Building: Fakes and Fallacies
10 June 2015Arts and Crafts of Mexico, Past and Present
13 May 2015Richard Gibson: A Miniature Portrait Painter and his Circle
08 April 2015Behind The Scenes: Curating the Art Museum
11 March 2015Photography as Fine Art
11 February 2015Paint Brushes at Dawn - Great Art World Feuds, Disputes and Rows
14 January 2015Edwin Lutyens, Architect to Dolls, Dukes and Dynasties
10 December 2014Fizz and Crackle: John Singer Sargent and his Critics
12 November 2014Thomas Heatherwick: Designer Extraordinary
08 October 2014A Seventeenth Century Metropolis: Amsterdam in the Golden Age
10 September 2014Gustave Caillebotte: Impressionist, Gardener, Sailor
09 July 2014Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel
14 May 2014The History of Wallpaper in British Interiors from 1685 to Today
09 April 2014Wanderings Amongst the Nomads of Iran & Afghanistan: Searching for Their Woven Art
12 March 2014Inn Signia - The Artwork & Stories behind Pub Signs
12 February 2014From Constantinople to the Park Monceau
08 January 2014Painting In Light - The History of Stained Glass
11 December 2013The Fine Art of Crime
13 November 2013Conran and the Habitat Catalogue

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Passion and ideas: the battle between colour and line in Western European Art Andrew Spira Wednesday 12 February 2020

Throughout the history of art, artists have debated whether line or colour was the more important.  In Renaissance Florence, artists maintained that line should take precedence because it controlled the subject matter of a picture, and that colour was a mere enhancement. In 18th century France, artists maintained that colour was more important.   This lecture will explore the changing fortunes of line and colour and show how they reflect changing attitudes towards thinking and feeling in European art as a whole.

Andrew Spira worked at the Temple Gallery, London, before becoming a curator at the V&A and then a Programme Director at Christie's Education.  He is now a freelance art historian, lecturing, writing and curating exhibitions and has published two books.