The sponsorship of young artists is an important part of The Arts Society’s activities and we have been active in this field in recent years, working with Merton Social Services in previous years to give profoundly deaf children wider artistic and social opportunites including specialised tuition and visits to a number of art galleries and museums.

In 2016 we contributed to the cost of painting three large murals at Blossom House School, Motspur Park, an independent day school for children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

In 2017 we awarded prizes to two third-year students on the BA Painting course at Wimbledon College of Arts. The first prize of £700 went to Beth Horner for her imaginative mixed media paintings. The second prize of £300 went to Sion Webb for his inventive 'architectural' installation and drawings. In adjudicating the prizes, we were assisted by two members of our Society, Wendy Hildreth and Sandra Reeves, both of whom have considerable experience of gallery guiding and art teaching.

2018 Golden Anniversary Year

To celebrate The Arts Society’s 50th anniversary in 2018, our own Society held a rather special Young Arts Project, entitled ‘Golden Threads: Music and Art’. The project took place during the autumn term involving 180 children aged 8 years in Hollymount, Poplar and The Sherwood primary schools in the Borough of Merton. It was delivered in partnership with Merton Music Foundation, and the practitioners were members of Sonoro (Wimbledon’s professional choral ensemble) and Helen Brimblecombe (schools’ art advisor). Exhibitions and performances of work (both musical and arts based) were held in all 3 schools. We would like to thank our two main sponsors, The Arts Society Greater London Area and Marcus Beale Architects as well as many of our own members for their generosity which enabled so many local children to work alongside top quality arts practitioners.