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16 March 2020Morning visit to the Freud Museum, NW3
09 April 2020All day visit to Greenwich
17 June 2020All day visit to Henry Moore Studios & Gardens, Hertfordshire
17 September 2020Morning visit to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea
22 October 2020Morning visit to the Raphael Cartoon Court, V&A Museum

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Morning visit to the Freud Museum, NW3
Monday 16 March 2020

Sigmund Freud came to England as a refugee aged 82.  This Museum is located in the house where he lived with his family in the last year of his life. Its most famous exhibit is the couch on which his patients lay to be analysed, which he brought to London from Vienna.  We shall be given an introduction to the life and work of the man whose study of dreams was so influential to the surrealist painters.

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